Degenesis PAX Unplugged Appearance Canceled

Hi All,

It is with much regret and frustration that we have had to cancel our presence at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia this year as DHL have failed to deliver our DEGENESIS books to the US in time for the conference.

At the time of writing the shipment is still in transit and we have pulled the plug on the travel and accommodation for the people manning the booth, the booth itself and all the organisational matters that have been in the works for this the past weeks.

As you can imagine this will be a costly operational failure for us.  Not just in terms of lost revenue, but last minute cancellations of attendance and we will be looking to hold DHL accountable for this sad situation.

It also means that those of you who were hoping to pick up any of our books and not have to deal with the international shipments costs will be missing out.

Being a relatively small, European company we’re only able to have presence at GenCon and PAX Unplugged and are heavily reliant on these events to try and establish a presence with DEGENESIS in North America.

Going forward we will no longer be working with DHL and will be looking at alternative means of shipping domestically and internationally as this is not the first time we’ve had these kinds of problems with this particular service.

All that being said, we want to try and use this debacle as an opportunity for everyone.

If you are in North America, we will be offering free shipping on any DEGENESIS books to you for the next week.

Just visit our webshop here, register an account with either a US or Canadian address, put any books you want into the cart and on checkout the cost of shipping will be deducted again.

So to those of you going to PAX: We’re still there in spirit with you, even if not physically.

Thanks to everyone for understanding and hopefully you’ll help us spread the word.

See you at PAX Unplugged next year, even if we have to strap copies of Rebirth to carrier pigeons.



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