NEW RELEASE! MDF Scenery – Combat Zone! Pwork Wargames MDF terrains!

Fantastic new release from Pwork Wargames! New MDF Scenery – Combat Zone 3D terrains!

MDF Scenery – Combat Zone is a new line of 3D scenery terrain sets consisting in some different scenic elements made in MDF material, ideal for science-fiction settings of skirmish and close-combat fights; four Combat Zone kits are available, each one including Sci-Fi watchtowers, multi-floor buildings, walkways and much more. Each kit is composed by a different number of 3D scenic elements, from 2 to 4 terrain elements. Check also the kits bundles, to have more kits with a little discount!

With MDF Scenery – Combat Zone you can make your battles more realistic and more engaging! You can set on your mat awesome fights on multi-level structures, covering behind bulwarks and shooting from ramps and platforms!

The different parts of the 3D scenic elements are pre-cut and ready to assemble, which is recommended to make the use of PVA glue. The assembly instructions of each kit are included in the kit package.

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