Iron Crown Enterprises’ Shadow World – Jaiman: The Land of Twilight

Iron Crown Enterprises are thrilled to announce the release of Jaiman: Land of Twilight. Based in the hugely popular Shadow World setting for Rolemaster, Jaiman offers setting material, NPC stats and backgrounds, maps and location descriptions as well as much more.

“Between the Forbidden Sea and the Barren Waters lies Jaiman, a majestic continent of powerful cultures in conflict. The Forces of the Unlife and the armies of the Dragon Lords seem destined to clash again; Men and Elves must fight or flee.”

Originally released in 1989, the newly released second edition includes a wealth of new information, maps, characters and an updated timeline. Jaiman represents the latest release in Iron Crown’s efforts to expand, improve and re-release a lot of the older Shadow World material that has been unavailable for some time.

Jaiman: The Land of Twilight contains stats for both Rolemaster Classic / Rolemaster 2 and Rolemaster Standard System / Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing. Whether you’re playing Rolemaster or not, Jaiman: The Land of Twlight has a lot to offer any roleplay gamer and could be easily used in any system or setting.

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