Rockopolis – Join the Kickstarter

Hello, Rock rebels!

I’m Davide Franceschi, director of Minos Games, and I’m glad to announce the beginning of the Rockopolis RPG Kickstarter campaign the 4th of September!

Rockopolis is a roleplaying game with a unique and original system, designed by Andrea Sbragia and Gilbert Gallo. Our goal is to bring you all in the awesome world of music and rockbands!

Ready to play Rockopolis RPG?

Join the Kickstarter!

This is what you can do in Rockopolis RPG!

Do you want to  create a rockband and lead it to success? You can, but remember: to achieve glory you have to perform and write songs like a real, awesome rocker. There’s only one way: give in to your Muse, the entity giving you Inspiration… at a price.

Isn’t it great?

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