(Portland, Oregon-August 6th) DUNGEON DEGENERATES: MEAN STREETS  Expansion Box is part of the Dark Fantasy Board Game of Swords, Sausages & Sorcery from GOBLINKO and is live now on Kickstarter.com. This release features intense art with thematic depth and customizable role-playing elements to give players the feeling of playing an idealized role-playing game in an easy to start board game box. There is unique art for every card & the whole game features its own, intense, psychedelic design language. DUNGEON DEGENERATES: MEAN STREETS brings the corroded cobblestone corridors, Gothic grottoes & towering turrets of the Würstreich into terrifying tangibility.  It features four new playable characters lifted straight from the seedy streets of the Würstreich; Mendicant Monk, Fugitive Fop, Sickly Soldier & Unlicensed Surgeon, a hefty new deck of Settlement Encounters to make every trip to town unique, engaging & dangerous, new Loot, new Monsters & the new putrescent Plague Mechanic pitting your party of DUNGEON DEGENERATES against two new missions; The Deadly Smell of Disease & The River of Filth!  From the unadulterated urbanity of the fortress city Brüttelburg to the shoddy shanty-towns, unstable stilt-hut hamlets & overripe outposts that cling to civilization with swords, sausages & sorcery, the MEAN STREETS of DUNGEON DEGENERATES are the Würst! Get your copy today at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/seanaaberg/dungeon-degenerates-mean-streets-expansion-box

Players take the role of criminal adventurers who have been thrown into the cavernous dungeons beneath the fortress city Brüttelburg & left to die. After making a deal with the jailor, the adventurers find their way into the rotting Würstreich, an empire in decline where every strange encounter is tainted with the corruption of the failing government, the distortions of Black Magic & the opportunistic clawing of terrifying monsters trying to get a foothold in the chaos. Players must choose to work with or against various bizarre & mysterious factions & claw their way up from the bottom into the jostling brutality of political intrigue, the dark plotting of insane sorcerers, the power grabs of cacophonous armies of monsters & demons & the Necromancer’s magical Hand of Doom which points its vile decree, plunging the Würstreich into total, gibbering madness.
What others are saying about the line: 
  • Winner of Willamette Week’s Best of Portland Critic’s Choice 2018 Best Board Game
  • “Dungeon Degenerates I actually set up and played immediately and will do so again asap.”-http://mraaktagon.com
    “For the right person, this will be a Holy Grail game.”-Dungeon Dive.com 
  • “Here, the moral dilemma isn’t between saving a puppy & smothering it. Why waste a perfectly good puppy when you can sell the thing into servitude? But the greatest surprise up Dungeon Degenerates’ sleeve – other than a dozen stolen wristwatches – is that it’s overflowing with clever, inventive & entirely appropriate mechanical twists. It’s almost a surprise that it’s a strictly solo or cooperative outing, such are the thing’s teeth. Come for the fluff, stay for the way designers Sean Äaberg & Eric Radey have remolded the adventure genre until it suits their twisted purposes.” – Daniel Thurot, Space Biff.com 
About The Team:
Art & art direction by Sean Äaberg
Sean Äaberg created the DUNGEON DEGENERATES aesthetic from the weird world in his mind. Evoking a lineage that begins with Hieronymous Bosch & Pieter Bruegel & continues through Robert Crumb & Ralph Bakshi, Sean Äaberg uses cartoonish exaggeration & hallucinatory color to cloak his academically informed cultural packages. Using the language of head shops, record stores, arcades, theme parks & comic books – players are eased into a hyperreal world of bizarre fantasy that begins to leak out into their lives.
Game Design by Eric Radey
Eric Radey is a second-generation game designer, the son of the infamous Jack Radey of People’s Wargames & grew up inside of a house filled top to bottom with games & soldiers. The founders of Chaosium were family friends & they would run games at the house where Sean Äaberg was a frequent guest. Eric has designed countless games, but DUNGEON DEGENERATES: HAND OF DOOM is his first published game.
Produced by Katie Äaberg 
Katie Äaberg is the Boss of GOBLINKO & the producer & project manager for DUNGEON DEGENERATES. Born & raised in Berkeley, California by her independent business woman mother & engineer father, Katie brings her incredible attention to detail, organization & efficiency to the project & makes this incredible feat possible.
GOBLINKO is an independent art studio that was started by Sean & Katie Äaberg in Oakland, California between the Punk & Art scenes & is currently operating in Portland, Oregon. GOBLINKO creates The Future You Deserve using a rigorous conceptual art methodology. See more and order EVERYTHING at www.goblinkomegamall.com

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