Discover the Adorable with Baby Bestiary Volumes 1 & 2!

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Today we’re really pleased to announce the release of volumes 1 & 2 of Metal Weave Publishing’s awesome Baby Bestiary, plus PDF releases of the same, which join the existing Collector’s Edition.
Baby Bestiary Volumes 1 & 2 are available in print and PDF as part of the Metal Weave Games Collection on
Discover the adorable
In a world of myth and magic, great heroes vanquish terrible monsters and earn a place in legend. But what about the babies left behind?
These books are the first exploration of a new kind of adventure, the raising of young monsters to become loyal companions, beloved friends or fearsome guardians.
If you are looking for something novel to spice up a fantasy roleplaying campaign, or simply want to see a different side to the creatures of fantasy art, the Baby Bestiary Books have all the monstrous cuteness you could want.
Animal aficionados
Originally funded by hundreds of aficionados of animal affection on Kickstarter, these books join the Baby Bestiary Calendar in a new line of products by Metal Weave Games.
The Baby Bestiary Handbook will add some ‘awww’ to your coffee table ornaments and ‘squee’ to your players’ squelching through dank dungeons.
The Baby Bestiary is also available in a Collector’s Edition which contains Volumes 1 & 2 in a hardcover sleeve.
We hope you enjoy these latest source books from Metal Weave Games and look our for more great releases from Modiphius, coming soon.,
Best wishes,
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