Shattered Tower Myth Punk RPG on Kickstarter

Welcome Fearless Adventurer,

We’re extremely proud to announce the birth of Shattered Tower, our brand new project: a Myth Punk RPG, straightly focused on discovery, survival and exploration, soon as a Kickstarter Campaign.

I’m Andrea Macchi, I am a graphic designer, and I spent the last 7 years working as a concept artist, world builder and character designer inside the RPG and Comics field. 
I gained experience from any single job and project I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of, and I can say – without a doubt – I’m putting everything I gained from practice, training and direct experience on the field into this original, exciting Game System and Setting I started visualize a couple of years ago with some close friends.

Exactly, I am not alone on this journey.
The team behind the game development is today counting a good bunch of young people working together, day by day, to give life to Shattered Tower.
 We’re a team of graphic artists, writers, and RPG passionates. We’re all working pretty hard, as we speak… and, yep, we drink a lot of coffee!

Shattered Tower is a RPG with an original and exalting setting, a new solid D6 system and lots of innovative contents.

The Core Rulebook will include:

  • Complete World Setting
  • General Rules
  • 6 Playable Races
  • 60+ Menaces: Inimical Envirorment, Monsters, Flora and Fauna.
  • Unique Exploration System
  • Unique Crafting System
  • 3 adventures
  • 3 to 6 Short Novels

Back the Kickstarter here:

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