Isola Illyon Edizioni Presents the Kickstarter Campaign for ‘HERO: The Adventurer’s Journal’

Salerno (Italy), 30th March 2018

Isola Illyon Edizioni, owner of the renowned website and italian publisher of the dark fantasy RPG Awaken (gathering widespread appreciation online and at the latest Lucca Comics & Games), is ready to launch its first Kickstarter campaign aiming to introduce to the market a new product tied to pen-and-paper RPGs, “HERO –  The Adventurer’s Journal”.

HERO – The Adventurer’s Journal is the ultimate solution to the many frequent issues met by all roleplayers: it consists of a journal in which to comfortably write down everything about one’s Campaigns and Characters, keeping all necessary information handy and neatly organized and finally ditching stray and scattered sheets of paper.

Bound in an elegant hardcover edition in international A5 format (148 x 210 mm – 5,8 x 8,3 inches), the journal is easy to customize and is built so to adapt to all RPGs on the market. The 210 or so pages of HERO can fit up to 3 different characters because of a structure comprised of a ‘CHARACTER’ section (about 20 pages in which to keep track of all the attributes of one’s own fantasy alter ego, his or her background, inventory, skills and much more) and a ‘CAMPAIGN’ section (about 50 pages in which to take notes about places, people met and objectives achieved during the course of adventures). It is furthermore possible to alter the look of characters and their gear by drawing them on the dedicated silhouette page, and there’s no lack of grids for one’s cartographical needs. This structure is included three times in the journal, so to keep track of the details and tales of three different characters.

A series of stunning artworks are included to enrich the journal, contributing to make HERO an elegant product  that can’t be amiss in the bag of every adventurer worth their salt.

The crowdfunding campaign will launch on March 30th, 2018, and contributors will be able to choose between different bundles including even more than a copy of the product according to one’s needs and gaming group. HERO will be available in two versions, an english one and an italian one, and already lies in advanced creative stage – meaning shipping should happen in short time after a successful kickstarter campaign.

About Isola Illyon Edizioni. The company, established by Luca Scelza and Mario Ferrentino, aims to revolutionize the world of gaming information and publishing through in-depth journalist via the web portal, RPGs, and future publishing products that will be announced and issued.

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