StoryForge Launches on Kickstarter Drip

Bringing AAA Concept Art to Your Game Night!

Boston, MA, March 31, 2018  –  StoryForge is releasing monthly asset packs to supercharge tabletop role-playing games on Kickstarter Drip.  Best of all, subscribers are invited to join the growing community on Discord where they can guide what content StoryForge creates next!

Founded by Nate Abell, Cory Trego-Erdner and David Kegg – StoryForge is a team of AAA concept artists and illustrators who have worked for some of the biggest gaming and entertainment studios, including Blizzard Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, Riot Games, Fantasy Flight Games, and many others. As avid, life-long tabletop gamers, Nate, Cory, and David have been creating art and original content for their home campaigns for a decade.  Now they want to bring their passion for art and TTRPGs to a wider community through StoryForge Asset packs.

Bursting with original, homebrew content – including story hooks, character and monster illustrations, play-ready maps, worldbuilding lore, NPC tokens, stat blocks and more – these asset packs will bring a whole new level of immersion and sophistication to your gaming table!

While each issue is geared towards a general theme or adventure hook, the content is designed to be flexible, system general, and can easily be used as the framework of an entire session, used piecemeal as additions to an ongoing adventure or campaign, or something in between.  Check out issue 1, The Temple of Bounty, here for FREE!

Most importantly, creativity, empowerment and community are core to StoryForge. Whether you are a player or a game master, StoryForge is committed to delivering the highest standard of art and top-tier concept development to bring fresh content and ideas to be used on both sides of the DM screen.  StoryForge believes that these games are for all and that diversity, inclusiveness, and representation are deeply important to empowering everyone around the gaming table. Community is the key to creating anything great!

StoryForge is a entertainment studio creating content for tabletop role-playing games.  Find out more on their Kickstarter Drip page at D.RIP/StoryForge

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