Infinity: Adventures in the Human Sphere Now in Print!

Adventures in the Human Sphere!
Hi there,
Today we’re really pleased to announce the release of the print version of Infinity: RPG Adventures in the Human Sphere which is available exclusively on Inside this handsome volume with full colour artwork, you’ll find a wealth of sci-fi adventure to explore!
Action and intrigue in amazing sci-fi adventures!
From the unreachable boardrooms of the Hyperpowers to the cold asteroids of Human Edge, and the bright allure of Maya to the dark corners of Arachne, intrigues and confrontations take place across every aspect of the Human Sphere. New plots, counteroffensives, and plans for subterfuge are deployed with a frantic pace even ALEPH would struggle to process.
Walking an infinitesimally thin line amidst the political, social and physical turmoil, 0-12 agents are tasked with containing the chaos before it escalates, allowing regular citizens of the Human Sphere to live their lives blissfully unaware of the dangers that threaten to unravel the delicate balance of powers.
Adventures in the Human Sphere provides a collection of far-reaching missions, each designed to thrust your agents into the path of machinations and conflicts that jeopardise the fragile alliances which bind humanity together.
  • Immerse yourself in the Infinity Roleplaying Game with ten independent adventures that run the length and breadth of the Human Sphere, from Sol to Human Edge.
  • New adversaries to add to your rosters including the Hungries of the Combined Army, and brutal Kyrgyz Mafia.
  • In-depth maps of key locations, quantronic networks, and social interactions that underpin the conflicts within this rich array of locations.
  • Comprehensive Wilderness of Mirrors objectives for each adventure, with specific plot hooks for each faction.
  • Advice on extending both scenes and adventures, so that these missions become a springboard for your own expanded campaigns.
We hope you enjoy this latest Infinity release and look out for more great Infinity adventures appearing soon.
If you enjoy Infinity adventures in PDF, why not check out our recent launched Infinity PDF Collection on – it contains all currently released books in PDF, plus all the forthcoming titles for a special price.
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