New NecroMech TRPG on Kickstarter – No more books

NecroMech Kickstarter launches…

Introducing the first digital-only Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TRPG)

Highlands Ranch, CO – February 27, 2018:   Alchimie, Inc. today launched the Kickstarter for NecroMech®, the first digital-only TRPG, available as an App on both iOS and Android as well as online.


“Subscription based DRM-enabled digital delivery is at the core of our vision for NecroMech to become an Augmented TRPG,” explains author and designer Kevin Hannah, “one that utilizes digital technology, while retaining the rolling of dice and use of miniatures, to take immersive, in-person around-the-table gameplay as far as it can go before players have to don their sword and shield and head out into the woods.” For players the Digital Difference means:

  • Continual new content delivery and the potential of an ever-expanding game world.
  • Continual refinement and improvement of game mechanics.

“Especially when it comes to adventure design, it is impossible to anticipate all the ways that players can approach the tasks and hurdles they are presented with. Players may in fact come up with exciting and compelling alternative not previously considered. We can include these as updates for all players to enjoy.”

  • Integrated digital content to enhance gameplay, including adventure photos, video, story narration, and Non-Player Character (NPC) dialog.
  • Immediate access post-Kickstarter. No more waiting a year or more.
  • No more out-of-date books and having to buy, or pledge again on Kickstarter, for that “new” edition.
  • No more having to workout to carry all the manuals.
  • Minimum investment. Don’t like it? Cancel.
  • Stop for a while. Come back. Re-subscribe without having to buy another complete set of updated books.
  • Never finding out you paid for a book that someone else downloaded (PDF) for free.
  • And Retailers will not be excluded with plans for in-store Subscription Cards (that do not compete for shelf space) and enhanced digital technologies to make the store a destination gameplay venue.

About Alchimie, Inc.

Alchimie, Inc. strives to author compelling 1940s/50s Dieselpunk themed stories and the products to truly bring them to roleplaying life. This includes the digitally-deployed Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TRPG) NecroMech®, that delivers:

  • A believable alternate history timeline.
  • Realism and familiarity tinged with the fantastic.
  • Detailed immersive game world.
  • Subtlety over brute-force, storytelling vs. combat, and compelling character interaction.
  • Agent Carter (1940s/50s tradecraft with strong female characters) meets Cthulhu (horrific otherworldly monsters) meets Push (psychic abilities)!
  • Dieselpunk aesthetic with strong fashion elements to reflect a character’s personal style that the player can even take beyond the game table.
  • A world on the brink of burgeoning technology development driven by Gemstone Capacitors and Psytomatons.
  • 6 Psychically-talented character classes: Qi Master, Energy Adept, Shadow Weaver, Meta Engineer, Reaper, and NecroMech.
  • Creature artwork more about essence and emotion than precise anatomical representation.
  • Integrated reputation system.
  • New logical, easy to understand, d100/d10 encounter resolution system.
  • Character advancement through the new APTitude System rather than traditional “leveling.”
  • An immersive Augmented TRPG experience.

As well as supplemental NecroMech short-stories, comic books, novels, and game inspired madameGdesigns™ apparel and accessories.

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