Conqueror’s Blade Beta Begins Today!

First beta launches for highly anticipated PC massively multiplayer war game

San Francisco — January 26, 2018 — Booming Games is pleased to announce that the beta test for Conqueror’s Blade will launch today at 7:00 a.m. EST and continue through 1:00 a.m. EST on February 3rd. The game will be down for maintenance and unavailable each day from 2:00 to 5:00 a.m. EST.
Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of challenging events. The Kingdom War event allows players to occupy Cities, Villages or Passes as a House unit which is comprised of 1-40 players. The more territory players conquer, the more resources and materials they can gather, and particular territories offer the chance to unlock rare Legions. The Kingdom Quest and Honor Quest are limited time events only occurring every few hours, and after completing a particular Pass Challenge, players may receive special rewards such as coins, honor and experience, which are especially helpful for upgrading Legions. There will also be a limited time PvE event in which players may team up and challenge a powerful enemy to win coins and experience.
By logging into the beta each day, players may also win gold, Legions, equipment and siege weapons. If participants reach a certain level and log in on the eighth day, they will receive a special “Veteran” achievement that is exclusive to this beta.
During the test, 10 different weapons will be available to players, each providing unique appearances and abilities. The full selection of famous siege weapons from Eastern and Western history will also be available, including Congreve Rockets, Dardanelles Guns, Hurricane Crossbows and Mortars. Up to twenty different siege weapons may be selected in game. Some giant weapons, like the Battering Ram and Siege Tower are critical for destroying gates or breaching walls, and some may only be placed in certain areas and require collaboration with Legions to operate, forcing players to choose wisely when equipping armies for battle.

Conqueror’s Blade features Match PvP, Match PvE and Big World PvPvE. Match PvP features five different battles, including a 15v13 multi-stage siege offense vs defense skirmishwhere the offense must take the defense’s flag by selecting from one or two established attack routes. In Death Match, 8v8 or 5v5 sides must kill more Generals before time runs out. Match PvE features two different battles where players escort an NPC and protect it from enemy NPC attack.

In Big World PvPvE, an all-out war ensues in which players compete against each other to occupy territory as well as the AI defenders who hold it. This mode includes two Stronghold War capture the flag-type contests. Stronghold Wars feature up to 15v15 battling simultaneously. Both sides have a flag that cannot be taken at the beginning, along with a neutral flag. The side that captures the neutral flag may attack the enemy’s side, and if successful, may occupy their flag for a limited time. The defense wins if it can protect all its flags until the end of the game. In Stronghold Wars, Generals can be revived, but the Legion chosen by the General cannot.

Conqueror’s Blade is a sandbox medieval warfare game for PC that recreates vast medieval civilizations and showcases their legendary weapons and fighting styles in a massive world where players command generals and their legions in pursuit of victory. Attack and occupy cities and counties to earn more resources and materials for better equipment. The birth of your empire begins by conquering a single city!

Players are encouraged to report problems during the beta test to

For more information, visit the Conqueror’s Blade website at or on Facebook at
About Booming Games
Booming is a game developer founded with the aim of creating world-class AAA games. The team at Booming brings a wealth of experience from top studios in game industry. Conqueror’s Blade, their first 3D epic warfare PC game, debuted at E3 and is based on their in-house developed game engine “CHAOS”. For more information, please visit

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