Zombies Ate My Baby!

Gerlach, NV – Three Sages Games has a new adventure for Adventurers of WorZombies Ate My Baby! Zombies Ate My Baby! was originally an adventure published in 4th Edition D&D for Alia-Wor. Now, Zombies Ate My Baby! is available for Adventurers!

Zombies Ate My Baby! is located at Bigby’s Roadhouse near the town of Wolfrun Keep and only a few days travel from where Gobs O’ Trouble takes place (the adventure in Adventurers of Wor). This book details Bigby’s Roadhouse, including information on the NPCs that work at the roadhouse, rooms, drinks, meals, and extra plot hooks to continue your story. The rest of the book covers new monsters, treasure, and the adventure itself.

In this story, avenge the Zuccerman’s prize pig, Baby, which was stolen by undead creatures. Uncover a more hideous and problematical secret behind the creation of these creatures and a shrine to an ancient deity of death and revenge.

Zombies Ate My Baby! is available at DriveThruRPG as PDF for $4.00 and soon as Print On-Demand for $11.99.

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