Mythos Companion for the Entropic Gaming System

Mystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the PDF release of the Companion book for Mythos for the Entropic Gaming System. The PDF is available now and the POD will be available later this month, possibly in January due to the holidays.

Companion compiles the content from Battle of Thermopylae and Wine and Blood. It also adds the content from the unreleased Queen of the Labyrinth for EGS. Since this release includes released and unreleased content, use the discount link on this email message to pick it up for only $5 from today through Christmas Eve! Remember to use the discount link though, otherwise you’ll pay the full price.

Mythos: Companion (EGS) [PDF: $10.00 – $5.00 with the discount link | POD: $13.99 COMING SOON | POD/PDF: $13.99 COMING SOON]

Zagreus tried his best to dissuade Zeus to resign in a thousand years, persuading him with wine and dance, to end the Heavenly Contest immediately, for Cosmos’ sake. But Zeus was adamant; the Heavenly Contest would go on and whoever among its contenders would have the largest number of followers within a thousand years would be appointed Cosmos’ new supreme ruler. Zagreus was left with a difficult choice: enduring a bad ruler in the future or taking part in the Heavenly Contest, being forced to spend time scheming instead of partying. Eventually, he chose the latter option; after all, he could use a little diversion from time to time from extreme partying and wine orgies.

Reluctantly, Hera repressed her anger and devised a plan instead. The only way to give the Cosmos a rightful ruler was to enter the contest, but she was sure her husband wouldn’t like the idea of being ruled by her in the future. If she openly asked to enter the competition, Zeus would surely not allow it. She then resolved to act with secrecy.

Companion is a player and GM supplement for Mythos, a setting of epic adventures in mythological Ancient Greece. It details Dionysus as he enters the Heavenly Contest as Zagreus and Hera as she enters in secret. With these new entries into the Heavenly Contest, Dionysus, as Zagreus, and Hera grow in Patron Deity potential with Mystery Cults, new heroes to sire, and new lands to explore!

Inside the Companion book you will find:

  • Two new player character races: minospawns and satyrs
  • New Patron Deity entries,
  • New character options
  • New mystery cults
  • A delve into the island of Cret and the lands of India
  • Daemons and daemonlogy
  • A toolkit for navigating the Labyrinth of Knossos in Crete
  • New epic fiends
  • A bonus adventure – Battle of Thermopylae
  • … and more!

Companion is not a standalone setting and requires the Hero’s Handbook. GMs will also need Epic Gamemastering or the full Mythos core setting guide.

Special price for Mythos: Companion (EGS): $5.00 (click the link to apply the discount)

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