Treasure Raiders First Gameplay Revealed

Treasure Raiders First Gameplay Revealed
Crazy characters and challenging game modes featured in hilarious new
treasure hunting mobile action game
Hong Kong–December 1, 2017–New gameplay details from the upcoming Treasure Raiders game were revealed today. Treasure Hunters is a game that combines the best of shooter, action, and RPG genres into a free to play gaming experience for Android and iOS. The game features a humorous Japanese anime style, creating a world where ancient civilizations and sci-fi can coexist. Search for treasure, go on wild chases, avoid traps, and face formidable bosses in your adventure. With a wide variety of levels and stages and tons of weapons and equipment, players will be continually tested as they team up to clear dungeons or battle others in PvP. Treasure Hunters is expected to launch in early 2018.
Players can get a taste of the action with a prelaunch event for Treasure Raiders now available at Participants receive a reward valued at $5, including 100,000 Silver coins and 5 Elite Fragments. Visit to register.
Challenge Dungeons will be the main co-op events in Treasure Hunters, and players may opt for the Normal or Elite challenges. Entries for the Normal dungeons refresh daily, while Elite dungeons refresh weekly. As players progress, they will unlock the five primary event types: Raid Ruins, Biochem Crisis, Phantom of the Castle, War Games, and Return of the Dead, each featuring three stages and each with its own unique style and challenges. Clearing a dungeon offers victorious treasure hunters the chance of receiving equipment fragments, elite equipment, and big rewards! Hunter Championships offer team-based 4v4 competitions in either the Round Space or Ring Space arenas, which spawn randomly once matchmaking is complete. The different features of each Space will require ingenuity and nerves of steel!
The five main characters in Treasure Raiders feature a variety of skills and professions, and players will certainly find one that best suits their style of play and expertise.
  • Charles is seeking to unravel the secret of his father’s disappearance. He uses ice as his primary element, wielding freezing and slow effects to limit the enemies’ movements. His electric weaponry can attack many enemies at once.
  • Sweet young Mary conceals a terrible monster within. Her weapons and equipment can do significant damage to either large groups or focused on one powerful boss.
  • Drake’s vulgar exterior hides his expertise and a heart of gold. The tank of the team, Drake’s weapons and equipment deliver punishing blows at short range while he absorbs incoming damage.
  • The mysterious Silver Seeker hides her true identity, but provides a variety of healing powers for her team.
  • Cursed baby Dr. Harry Potten must find a way to restore his former self. His tough mech provides reliable defense while shooting rockets at the enemy. He is adept at delivering both close-range and distance attacks to keep opponents on their toes.
Visit the Treasure Raiders Facebook page for more information at and see the trailer for Treasure Raiders on YouTube:
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