Awaken RPG Hardcover Now Available!

Have you ever wondered how does it feel to be revered for your powers or shunned because of a taint they leave upon your body and soul?

How does feel to be pulled into the alliance politics solely because of your mythological origins? Will you allow yourself to be defined by your powers or will you try to find yourself in the dawn of the upcoming war?

As of today, Awaken RPG is available for orders worldwide through DriveThruRPG website.

This dark fantasy roleplaying game tells a story about the continent divided into eleven nation-states known as Great Cities. These nation-states are united in the loose Alliance of the Great Cities, which barely survived the war against the terrifying creatures of the underground.

In this world, you play as a Vasall, a human with supernatural powers which are supposedly a gift from a God. But even a divine gift comes at a terrifying price; if you fail in controlling the power, it corrupts your mind and body.

Now the terrifying underground creatures known as Vargans are back and it looks like they are setting the stage for the final confrontation.

The physical edition will be published by Studio2 Publishing known for its Savage World, Shadows of Esteren, Mistborn, and various other releases, but in the meantime, a hardcover can be ordered from the DrivethruRPG website, just in time to reach you for holidays!

Number of players: 3-5
Time required: 1-3 hours per session
Recommended ages: 16+

Awaken website:

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