Sine Requie: Snake Eyes – One-Hour Demo Available!

As WWUV, we have chosen to release a one-hour long Demo version of “Sine Requie: Snake Eyes” (live on Kickstarterwhich can be downloaded from!

Demo Link:

The Game
“Sine Requie: Snake Eyes” is a Horror-Thriller R.P.G. for PC smartphone and tablet live on Kickstarter.

The game from the award-winning Italian pen and paper R.P.G. Sine Requie, Snake Eyes is a Horror-Thriller roleplaying game with survival elements.

It tells about the investigations of Rossano Mazzoni Inquisitor and its hunt to a secretive heretic cult in a post-apocalyptic 1954 Tuscany, in which the dead rose to feed on the living.

A Grim World The 6th of June 1944, the Dead started their hunt against mankind.
Ten years after the world is a pile of rubble, the few survivors try to resist to the hunger of the dead ones.

In Italy, the Catholic Church founded the Sanctum Imperium and retains control of the country thanks to Templars and Inquisitors tasked with full eradication of all that threatens Order. Be it Dead…or living.

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