Adventurers of Wor from Three Sages Games

Gerlach, NV 11/21/17 – Welcome to Alia-Wor, a high fantasy world with a mix of technology and magic where almost anything is possible. Become an arcane gunslinger, meet the variety of fascinating races and creatures of Alia-Wor, sail through the air with airships, meet deities who infrequently appear as their avatars, and be prepared for the wonders that await.

In Adventurers of Wor, you will find information on the Middle Kingdoms of Alia-Wor. This includes the many races that exist, the deities that are worshiped in the various kingdoms, and information on the kingdoms and their rulers. It also includes two new power groups – alchemy and arcane gunnery – and a new skill for devout worshipers of a particular deity.

The final bits of Adventurers of Wor have new creature cards to represent common threats of Alia-Wor, including some non-traditional takes on creatures such as dragons, drakes, and hobgoblins. The adventure featured in Adventurers of Wor is “Gobs o’ Trouble”.

Adventurers of Wor is available on DriveThruRPG as a PDF for $4.00 and Print On-Demand for $11.99. Additionally, there will be supplemental adventures for Adventuers of Wor – the first of which is “Zombies Ate My Baby” that will be released soon.

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