Mirrorshades: Put on your Mirrorshades, and take up the Good Fight!

Gerlach, NV- Three Sages Games is happy to announce our new Adventurers! product- Mirrorshades. Mirrorshades is a 24-page dsytopian near-future setting focusing on the area of Nova Franchesko, what once was the San Francisco and the Bay Area before it was devastated by the Great Quake and tsunami that followed.

Adventurers! itself handles a broad range of genres very well, so there only a few rules additions needed to create a cyberpunk setting. These added rules cover how cybernetics are handled, how hacking is handled, as well as a new Power Group: Neuromancy, which covers manipulating virtual reality.

The rest of the book focuses on setting information, new gear, creature cards for encounters in the cyberpunk setting, and a beginning adventure: Idol Hands.

Mirrorshades is available on DriveThruRPG as PDF for $2.50 and Print On-Demand for $8.00.

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