Magic Item Card Catalog: 5e Fantasy Reference Cards Kickstarter Launched

Inkwell Ideas has just launched the Magic Item Card Catalog Kickstarter! It aims to create a collection of all* the 5th Edition magic items on handy trading cards or print your own trading card or index card versions. Give them to your players to better track inventory. Show them exactly what they’ve found when you hold up a card. Customize them by writing in any custom quirks or backgrounds you wish to add.

If you’ve followed our Creature Decks, Sidequest Decks, and NPC Decks, you know these will turn out very well!

The new Kickstarter project breaks the items up into six different decks: Rods, Staves, & Wands; Rings, Potions, & Scrolls; Armor & Weapons; Wondrous Item Instruments & Jewelry; Wondrous Item Books, Clothing, & Containers; and All Other Wondrous Items.

Pledges start at just $2 for a PDF of one deck. (You get both the trading card size PDF and the index card size PDF; pledge $2/deck you want). Physical decks include the two PDFs for each deck at $11/deck. And at $66 you get 6 decks and a wooden mini-treasure chest to store them.

* That we can legally publish.


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