OUTBREAK: UNDEAD PLEDGE HIGHLIGHT – Contents of Ultimate Bug Out Bag Revealed

We want to showcase one of our pledges we are excited to bring you, the Ultimate Bug Out Bag. This tactical backpack will be fully loaded with all necessary items you’d need in your zombie survival plan:

  • Firestarter
  • Hand Warmers
  • Shovel
  • Wire Saw
  • Camping Rope
  • 2 Person Shelter
  • Camping Lantern
  • 16oz Mug
  • Flashlight
  • Pocket Pliers/Multi-Tool
  • Compass/Binoculars

We’re still going for all of our stretch goals, and our most recent goal to reach at $45k is an upgrade to our SPEW-AI. In the first edition of Outbreak: Undead we built you an interactive character customization website. You would answer questions and based on your answers we would give you your own custom character sheet. This time we want to upgrade that system to make it even more precise and in depth.

Thank you again to all of our amazing backers for making
Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition a great success already!

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