PAX Unplugged 2017: Deadlands Doomtown Storyline Event

Free Deadlands Doomtown Storyline Event at PAX Unplugged 2017!

News from Pinnacle Entertainment Group on behalf of our Doomtown: Reloaded partners, Pine Box Entertainment

Deadlands and Doomtown: Reloaded players, we have something special planned this November at PAX Unplugged!

As a celebration of the continuation of Doomtown: Reloaded, we are pleased to announce the Pine Box Entertainment Event Team hosts their first major storyline event on Saturday, November 18th at High Noon. The series will directly take players into the continuation of the Doomtown storyline.

“Should we tell them?” asked Lucy.

Wendy responded. “They need to know. We can trust the brothers, and the lunger seems like he’s already attuned to what’s really going on. They need to understand there’s a greater evil than the cowboys.”

The Fate of Mario Crane

As Lucy and Wendy reflect back on what happened in the 2 years prior to their arrival in Tombstone, we learn the fate of what occurred to Mario Crane.

The winner of the event decides if Mario can claw his way back from the abyss, or succumb completely to madness, and become a fresh new Hell on this Earth.

The Runner-Up will help in making a decision regarding Jessica Prachett’s whereabouts (former Sloane).

While these prizes are for the winners, we have something special to enable other players to participate in the story. Each round of the event, a random table will help choose a card featured in the major conflict of the story. The players will discuss their card choice, and the winner of the round will report the decision. Thus these players will help determine the story’s direction. On the final round of Swiss for our event, this will automatically go to the final table.

Attending PAX Unplugged but don’t have a Doomtown: Reloaded deck yet?

Come find a member of the Pine Box Entertainment team and we will provide you with one to participate in this major storyline event! Learn to Play demos also available throughout the convention. We are dedicating Friday, November 17th, to fully engage folks in the Deadlands and Doomtown community in discussing upcoming plans, as our Lead Designer, Community Manager, and Events Team will be on hand to answer questions, play games, and for general camaraderie :)

Pine Box Entertainment will also have exclusive prizes for this event and items for sale, including tokens and a playmat, and hosting a community event on Thursday, November 16th, at Yards Brewing Company.

We encourage all players to dress up for this event, as we have a special promo for all cosplayers, starting at this event, along with a special promo for the convention!

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