Fallout Pre-order Live & FREE Star Trek Quickstart

Attention Vault Dwellers!
The much anticipated Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Pre-order is now live over on the Modiphius store. https://www.modiphius.net/collections/fallout-wasteland-warfare
You’ll find a mixture of starter bundles, as well as complete sets, alongside the basic £60 Two Player Starter set and various sets covering the Brotherhood of Steel, Super Mutants, and Survivors, robots, creatures and scenery.
We’ll send more details on the different sets and a FAQ for the pre-order to help you decide what sets best for you in the coming days.
Please note some of the sets will not be available in retail and will only be available online (we’ll be exploring ways of changing this later on). If you order £120 or more you’ll be sent our pre-order Event Miniature Nuka Cola Girl!
If you’re a retailer and would like to take part in the pre-order we’ll be starting a retail pre-order in December with a special offer to support stores, and an online retail ‘vault’ locator to help Fallout fans find you!
Also released this week is our FREE Star Trek Adventures Quickstart which is the perfect introduction to start your adventures on the final frontier!
“We’ve received a message from Narendra Station that a runabout  called the Susquehanna has gone missing in the Carina Nebula, deep within the Shackleton Expanse. The Susquehanna was  investigating an unusual alien signal that originated from the nebula  when all contact was lost. We have been ordered to enter the  nebula, find the runabout, and determine the origin and cause of the alien signal. Starfleet has also advised that Romulan and Ferengi ships have been sighted in the region, so we should exercise  caution since they may well have detected the alien signal as well.”
This is a FREE 30 page Quickstart for the Star Trek Adventures Roleyplaying game, and contains an introduction to the main game’s core rules, plus “Signals” a self contained adventure with six pre-generated characters for you to enjoy.
Best wishes,
Modiphius Entertainment

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