Bilbao – 10th September 2017. Burning Games is happy to announce that a 110 page-long introductory PDF of Dragons Conquer America is now available free of charge on DrivethruRPG (get it here). The PDF includes the core rules and setting of the new game plus a full adventure entitled Episode 0: The Coatli Stone. This one-shot episode will serve as a prologue to the setting and as a way for us to playtest the mechanics. This is the background of the adventure:

“A map, tattooed on a piece of old skin has been found by your group’s leader. It points towards the Coatli Stone, a mysterious artifact that is said to procure incommensurable power to whoever owns it. You have seen the map with your own eyes, and have a good idea where it leads to. The temptation to go rogue is strong… and you succumb to it. Will you and your partners in crime reach the Temple where the Coatli Stone is held and get hold of it before your bosses’ army finds out about the treason?”

Episode 0: The Coatli Stone is also a way to raise awareness of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, launching November 1st, that will fund the Episodes I & II of Dragons Conquer America, two full blown campaigns  that will shape the future of the setting.

What is Dragons Conquer America?

Dragons Conquer America (aka DCA) is a living fantasy role playing setting that is currently under development. It will take you back to the 16th Century when European invaders reached American soil and unleashed a genocidal conquest.

Even though we take into consideration real world events and cultures,  DCA is a fantasy setting. Magic is real and used in everyday life, and fantastic beasts such as Dragons and Feathered Serpents exert real influence in societies.

The magical elements will find their way to the mechanics of the game, and you, as a player, will be able to perform awesome supernatural deeds.

What system does it use?

Dragons Conquer America uses the RPC Engine, a cinematic and agile system that allows players to manage their luck.

What will the Kickstarter fund?

The Kickstarter of Dragons Conquer America, starting November 1st, will aim to fund Episodes I & II of the setting. This book will lay the foundation of the setting of Dragons Conquer America. The actions players take in these two campaigns will create the groundwork for a future core book of the game. The campaigns will allow you to live this epic clash between civilizations from the perspectives of both sides, Native Americans and Castillians.

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