The Eaves of Mirkwood Released in PDF

The Eaves of Mirkwood for Adventures in Middle-earth out now in PDF!
The Eaves of Mirkwood™  & Loremaster’s Screen for the smash hit 5th Edition setting Adventures in Middle-earth™  is available in PDF now!–Loremasters-Screen
The Eaves of Mirkwood is an introductory scenario for Adventures in Middle-earth. It comes with pre-generated characters, maps, and features streamlined versions of the Adventures in Middle-earth rules. It’s the perfect package to introduce a new group to the game.
It also comes with a PDF of handy reference charts, printed as a Loremaster’s Screen in the physical version.
Eaves of Mirkwood is a self-contained adventure, which should take roughly three hours to play, depending on your group’s style. Perfect for a single evening’s gaming session.
Showcasing the key additional rules that Adventures in Middle-earth adds to 5e, Eaves will take your group on a trek using the Journey Rules, they’ll parley with a potential patron using the Audience Rules, and try out 5e combat in Middle-earth, with all the peril that comes from having no easy access to spell casters or healing potions!
Your players will also get to dine with Dwarves, blow smoke rings, battle Goblins (and worse), and maybe even meet a very special Wizard.
It’s also packed with advice on bringing the Middle-earth roleplaying experience to your table.
The great part is, if you want to try out Adventures in Middle-earth you don’t need the Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide or Loremaster’s Guide to run it. They would certainly be useful, but if you want to try out Adventures in Middle-earth for the first time, you just need the 5e rules.
You can also pre-order The Eaves of Mirkwood & Loremaster’s Screen at our web store, or your local Bits and Mortar retailer, and get the PDF free!
About Adventures in Middle-earth
At last you can officially play the world’s favourite RPG in Middle-earth! Offering Middle-earth specific classes, cultures and backgrounds, as well as new rules for Journeys, Audiences, Scenery in Combat, Corruption, and unique Middle-earth adversaries, Adventures in Middle-earth has been both a huge popular and critical success. With gorgeous artwork and an adaptation that’s as faithful to the source material as it is possible to be, Adventures in Middle-earth is simply a must have purchase for 5e gamers.
Adventures in Middle-earth rated in’s top 5 RPG sellers for Spring 2017. It won the best RPG award at UK Games Expo, and is nominated for an ENnie for Best Rules at this year’s awards.
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