Lightning Strikes Twice!

Lightning Does Strike Twice
Legendary Game Designer Wayne Shaw Comes To Superhero 2044
(July 24, 2017) Checker Book Publishing Group announced today that game designer Wayne Shaw has been brought in to help develop the latest edition of Superhero 2044. Wayne Shaw’s work modifying the first edition of Superhero 2044 helped create the role playing game classic system, Champions.
Publisher Mark Thompson remarked, “We are updating Superhero 2044 so we needed someone who knows the ins and outs of the world like the back of their hand. Understanding how numbers on a page translate to game play is an art not a science so we brought in the artist who knows the system better then anyone else. Between him and Steve Perrin, this games is going to be so much fun!” Superhero 2044 will be crowdfunding production for a role playing game. The first campaign should launch August 16, 2017.
A sneak peek video of our game can be seen here:
About Checker BPG:
Checker BPG is a graphic novel publisher that published nearly one hundred graphic novels from 2001 to 2013. Checker BPG launched titles with such high profile licenses as Star Trek, X-Files, Flash Gordon, and Clive Barker to name a few. Checker BPG received acclaim in the New York Times, Village Voice, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Washington Post. Superhero 2044 will hit fans in 2018.
About Wayne Shaw:
From early work with Chaosium to editing for Eden Studios and playtesting with Green Ronin. Wayne goes wherever he’s needed. He’s best known for his pivotal work bringing the Champion Role Playing Game to life and making it a staple of every gaming table.




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