Seven Worlds Hard Sci-Fi Setting for Savage Worlds Coming Soon

Announcing Seven Worlds, a new science-fiction setting and campaign for the Savage Worlds RPG!

A unique Hard Science-Fiction game with an epic storyline.

Sammamish, WA, August 20th, 2017 – We’re proud to announce Seven Worlds, an epic Science-Fiction role-playing campaign and setting for the Savage Worlds rules system, due out later this year. In the year 2217 humanity’s greatest achievement is the colonization of the nearby star systems now known as the Seven Worlds, where humanity lives, thrives, and prepares for the next great wave of space exploration. But when the unexpected threatens humanity, only an unlikely band of heroes can unravel a deadly conspiracy and try to avert the Fall!

Some of the many things that make Seven Worlds unique are:

  • The Campaign is Epic! The core of Seven Worlds is its awesome, world-shattering campaign (you can ignore it and use the setting by itself if you like). Inspired by such grand episodic RPG campaigns as the original Dragonlance saga, and classic science fiction books like The Expanse series and TV series like Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5, this is a story arc the players will never forget!
  • The Science is Real! From star systems to technology and science, Seven Worlds is one of the most realistic SF settings this side of the classic 2300AD role-playing game, with a few concessions made when necessary to keep things fun (Psionics and FTL, for example). Seven Worlds has been awarded the Atomic Rockets Seal of Approval for Scientific Accuracy, as a recognition of its scientific validity. Plus, the core book includes dozens of sidebars that explain off-the-wall scientific concepts and facts in plain language. If you ever wanted to know what space smells like, or why the Space Shuttle kept its cargo bay doors open while in orbit, then this is the book for you!
  • The Starmap is 3-D! If real space is three-dimensional, how come we only role-play with 2-D, printed-on-a-page space maps? Not anymore! Seven Worlds comes with a digital 3-D map of known space in the year 2217, viewable on most compatible computers and tablets. Based on actual, real star positions and locations, and intimately tied to the plot of the campaign, the Seven Worlds 3-D starmap allows GMs and players to navigate the starmap to the setting in 3D and feel they truly are adventuring in space.
  • The Space Battles are Unique! Where would a realistic science-fiction game be without unique and innovative space combat rules? Seven Worlds contains extensive rules for scientifically-sound space combat. From lasers to particle beams, from cloud projectiles to point defenses, from inertia movement to heat accumulation and radiation, live the challenging experience of combat in space!

Plus new rules for Assistants (23rd century Siri- or Cortana- like software personalities), planetary atmospheres and environments, and much, much more!

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