Announcing the Launch of a New, Exciting Dice Range by Critit

Critit announces the Kickstarter campaign on the ‘spirit of’ range of dice
Dice come in 12 sets of different themes each depicting a magnificent animal

Critit, a company dedicated to designing and producing quality RPG gaming accessories is proud to announce their Kickstarter campaign, “The ‘Spirit Of’ dice range.” The dice is a set of 12 different themes each depicting a magnificent animal spirit trapped within the dice, represented with a logo and swirling spirit. They started with 8 core sets and 4 more have been unlocked in the stretch goals The dice range animal themes include the wolf, unicorn, raven, phoenix, lizard, dragon, bear, dolphin, tiger, etc. The dice are made of high-quality polyresin, nicely balanced, come in a lovely box showing logo and ‘spirit of’ details, and look so good they will cause a stir on the game table. Visit the Kickstarter Page to back the project and take advantage of discounted price.

“I have always loved RPG games and carpentry, which has inspired me to create great products. These dice will change the way you play games forever. They are carefully made with the intention to deliver classic adventure gaming accessories to those who value it. The ‘spirit of’ dice collection is a masterpiece that everyone would enjoy,” said owner and creator, Dominic Marriott.

The ‘spirit of’ dice is an RPG tabletop gaming accessories designed for the most adventurous souls. It comes in a variety of animal themes from the spirit of the dragon to the spirit of lizard. Very attractive and stylish, every dice is specially made and so intelligently crafted that no two dice looks the same. Every dice has an animal image on it, and the D4’s have a coordinating symbol to represent the animals.

“I love RPG games. I am one of those people who are very excited about this release. I love all the animal collections, the transparent feel, the colors, and the design and artworks. It shows the result of an amazing craftsman at work delivering exceptional work. I hope Dom will be able to add more animal spirits to the collection, like Owl perhaps,” said Rob R, a Kickstarter supporter.

Backers have the opportunity to take part in the project by choosing any of the pledges, from thank you pledge to retailer pledge. Gamers can also purchase a wooden box specially designed to hold the dice. The box shows logo and is dyed and oiled to keep the dice safe and to look great for years to come.

About Critit
Critit is a company that combines both Carpentry and RPG gaming to bring the very best accessories in the RPG world. Items which are not handmade have been hand-picked to ensure they offer the finest selection. For more information, please contact, or visit

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