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Mystical Throne Entertainment brings to you the shogunates and samurais of Japan in our latest Ultimate Guide sourcebook, Ultimate Medieval Guide: Feudal Japan. This new RPG delves into the period of Japan’s history known as Feudal Japan where the shogun’s had more power than the emperors and the military class known as the samurai rose to fame. Pick it up now in PDF with a POD version coming soon.

Ultimate Medieval Guide: Feudal Japan (Savage Worlds) [PDF: $5.00 | POD: COMING SOON | PDF/POD: COMING SOON]

Islands long shrouded in mystery, with a history of nature itself stepping in to defend them from outsiders, Japan has been viewed as an exotic and enchanting place by the rest of the world since the Europeans first contacted them. Even in the era of Marco Polo, and others who contacted the Mongols or the Chinese, tales were told of the islands that lay in the sea, full of dedicated warriors and a xenophobic people.

Ultimate Medieval Guide: Feudal Japan is a historical sourcebook detailing the period known as Feudal Japan, starting around 784 CE. This period saw the rise of the shogunate and the military class known as the samurai.

Ultimate Medieval Guide: Feudal Japan includes:

  • A look at the history of the Feudal Japan era
  • A delve into the samurai military class
  • An overview of Japanese mythology
  • Character options including Edges, Hindrances, and an Arcane Background
  • Weapons during the Feudal Japan era
  • … And more!

Ultimate Medieval Guide: Feudal Japan is not a standalone book and requires the core rulebook. It can be used as a campaign setting for games in Feudal Japan or as a guide for samurai warriors and the era they lived in.

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