Lights, Camera, Anime Action!

Gerlach, NV June 14, 2017- Three Sages Games is happy to announce our newest product line- Anime Action!, a diceless anime-style role-playing game. Anime Action! is not a genre specific system, which allows you to play in everything from a Mundane romantic comedy to an Ultra-Powered galaxy-shattering space opera. Plus, due to its diceless nature, role-playing over email or instant messenger is very easy. Some people are a little hesitant about a diceless game, so let’s talk about gameplay.

First, let’s start with building a character. This part isn’t very different from creating a character for any other game. The character’s FIAT (Fitness, Intellect, Appeal, and Technique) are their attributes, giving a baseline number for anything the character tries to do.

The next aspect of the character is their Traits, which are broad descriptions of the character (often in the form of cliches, song titles, or other broad descriptions), and can be used to increase the character’s ability to get things done, if the other characters agree the Trait makes sense in how the character describes using it.

And finally, the last aspect is the character’s Special. The Special is the part where you define any magic spells, special abilities, or any bonuses to the FIAT the character may have, granting cosmetic and/or mechanical effects. This is where you give your Vampire a boost to Fitness after drinking blood, for example. This is also where you can make your Vampire vulnerable to Light, if you want to earn more points to spend on other specials. The number of points you have to build your Special depends on the power level of the campaign; that Ultra-Powered space opera grants character more points than the Mundane romantic comedy does.

But, what if you describe your action, add your FIAT, Trait, and applicable Special, and still can’t beat your target? That is where Motivation comes in.

Motivation is the term for three different types of resources you can Push your character with- Drive, Energy, and Elan. All characters have Drive to work with and when it’s spent, it goes to the player(s) you were facing (or the Director that you were facing an NPC or general Challenge) after the Challenge is resolved.

The next form of Motivation is Energy. Energy is powerful- it fuels magic and special abilities, counts as two extra Drive, and isn’t passed to the other player when used. However, Energy also must be gathered which can put a strain on the character’s other abilities.

The last Motivation is Elan, which functions like Drive except that it is discarded after use rather than going to the other player. Elan is awarded for good role-playing and heroic actions. Motivation is the basis for Anime Action! and is the key mechanic replacing the dice.

The last important bit is Challenges. There are different types of challenges your character can undertake, but the importance of Challenges are that they give you Goal Points. Goal Points are Anime Action!‘s means of tracking a character’s growth and are awarded by completing specific tasks based on personal goals, random episode Challenges, and over-arching story goals that are important to the story the GM is telling. That covers the core of Anime Anime!

Anime Action! can be purchased on DriveThruRPG as a PDF or Print On-Demand. Additionally, we have Motivation, Challenges, and Conditions card decks in PDF and Print On-Demand. More setting and adventure supplements are coming soon!

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