Eat, Drink, and Make Merry with the Ultimate Fantasy Tavern Guide!

Gerlach, NV June 8, 2017- Three Sages Games is proud to release the Ultimate Fantasy Tavern Guide for Savage Worlds. The Ultimate Fantasy Tavern Guide was originally published in four issues of Savage Worlds Insider and, with the permission of Mystical Throne Entertainment, was revised and expanded on to create a more fleshed out product.

This GM’s resource tool covers everything that the GM needs to create a good time in a Savage Worlds fantasy tavern. It’s broken down into a few different sections. The first section details a sample tavern, Fox and Brew, with meals, drinks, rooms, prices for all the aforementioned, and a cast of dynamic NPCs. The next section is a tavern generator. In this part, you can create a name for your tavern and determine the quality of the tavern which will affect what rooms, food, and drinks they have. This becomes important because characters earn mechanical effects based on what is available and how much they are willing to spend. Next comes all of the really fun stuff- playing games and socializing with NPCs. The Ultimate Fantasy Tavern Guide covers rules for various games including arm wrestling, darts, chess, card games, and many others. Socializing covers everything from finding a person to spend a pleasant evening with to tavern brawls. The last section is a name generator table for each of the different races of Savage Worlds. This provides a lot of great information for the GM to use in the game.

Here is a statement is from the Three Sages Games marketing director, Heidi Levin: “The idea for the Ultimate Fantasy Tavern Guide first came into being when the we (the Three Sages) were deciding what we wanted to do for the evening. A conversation arose about how our Savage Worlds characters would fair in a normal situation like spending a night in the tavern. So, we decided that we would run a session to see how it went. We discovered that certain skills were very useful in the tavern- ones that may normally even be overlooked in many gaming sessions, like Taunt and Throwing. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and we hope to pass on to the enjoyment through this supplement.”

You can purchase the Ultimate Fantasy Tavern Guide on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. The Print-On Demand version will be available for sale soon.

DriveThruRPG: Ultimate Fantasy Tavern Guide

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