Bringing the Urban Melting Pot to Life in Five Points

History is rich with gaming opportunities and one of the major cultural urban centers in recent history is the Five Points neighborhood of New York City in the 19th century. Ultimate Antebellum Guide: Five Points for Savage Worlds presents the historical Five Points neighborhood in all its dismal light to be incorporated into your urban settings or used as a standalone as a new setting. Prominently set in 1849, it features the worst of the worst time in New York City. The PDF is available now and the POD will be available later this month.

Ultimate Antebellum Guide: Five Points [PDF: $5.00 | POD: $7.99 Coming Soon | POD/PDF: $8.99 Coming Soon]

There is an 86-acre plot in the middle of New York City where immigrants find a new home after leaving their former lives behind. With little money to speak of, but an ambition to save up for a better life, they find themselves stepping off the boats and entering what many believe to be the very first American cultural melting pot. The area is known politically as the Old Sixth Ward. The locals of the area know it as the Five Points neighborhood; America’s first and largest mass slum. It is a center for crime, vice, gangs, and all manner of immoral deeds.

Ultimate Antebellum Guide: Five Points is a unique sourcebook that focuses on the Five Points neighborhood of New York City in 1849, the Antebellum period of the United States. The setting can be used for all manner of adventures and games including ones set in the historical Five Points, a fantasy horror alternate history of the United States centered on Five Points, an urban fantasy setting inspired by the historical neighborhood, or even a crowded metropolis modeled after this American slum.

Ultimate Antebellum Guide: Five Points includes:

  • A look at the history of Five Points
  • Major events in New York City during the 19th century
  • Creating urban characters for a Five Points games
  • The many organizations that influenced New York City
  • A collection of adventure frames
  • … and more!

Ultimate Antebellum Guide: Five Points can be used as a standalone setting or as a sourcebook for a larger setting, along with the standard core rulebook.

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