Unleash Your Potential with the High Plains Samurai Kickstarter

GREATER MADAWASKA, ONTARIO, CANADA June 5, 2017 – Broken Ruler Games, in partnership with its publisher, Mystical Throne Entertainment, is proud to announce the launch of Kickstarter’s next big tabletop roleplaying game, High Plains Samurai. It’s so big, the project has already funded before we could get a press release together.

Created and designed by ENnie Award winner, Todd Crapper (aka The Warden), High Plains Samurai (HPS) is a storytelling game of extreme mash-ups battling it out in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world of gunslingers, gangsters, samurai, barbarians, and steampunk where the residual energies of a divine battle have bestowed superpowered abilities to a select few. Those with these incredible abilities are qi warriors; they are the lead characters of this world known as the One Land.

Built using the ScreenPlay engine, HPS is a collaborative story game with all players taking an equal role in the storytelling process. Players take on the role of Writers working with the Director to draft complete stories of action, suspense, horror, and survival. Through their lead characters, Writers actively drive the story and create epic action sequences as the central storytellers; the Director reacts to their descriptions while simultaneously challenging their characters along the way. For every description moving the story forward, another player will deliver its outcome to push it further, react to events, and embellish details with camera angles, special effects, even a character’s demise.

“This is a game about endless possibilities and not being restricted by the mechanics,” Todd Crapper reveals. “What we’ve done with HPS is create a world based on a number of popular genres to give everyone enough creative flexibility to find their own middle ground. These are about anti-heroes driven by their own sense of honour and survival who find themselves at a crossroads to do the right thing. But it’s also about building the world and the story as you play, something I’ve worked long and hard for over four years to create and I’m so happy others are seeing something about it that clicks for them too.”

High Plains Samurai‘s Kickstarter is running until June 29, 2017 at 10:00pm EST and has already passed its goal of $3,000 CDN. Further stretch goals will allow it to expand into a 160-page core rulebook and treatment for the first part of the Wrath of Chaos trilogy, an origin story of Black Scorpion (the central villain of the game), and more. Backers can receive PDF copies of the core product and stretch goals, a softcover version of the core rulebook, or an exclusive hardcover version of High Plains Samurai by the summer of 2018. You can visit the Kickstarter page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2091561925/high-plains-samurai

About Broken Ruler Games
Breaking All The Rules is the motto of this independent game developer. Aligned with Mystical Throne Entertainment, Broken Ruler Games is an ENnie Award winning publisher of Killshot (the world’s deadliest tabletop roleplaying game), ScreenPlay (an open-ended storytelling RPG), and High Plains Samurai (a Wild West/wushu/post-apocalyptic/superhero setting). You can learn more about BRG at their website, brokenrulergames.net.

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