Buccaneer: Through Hell & High Water for Savage Worlds

Fabled Environments and Yellow Piece Games Kickstart New Savage Worlds Setting Book

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On May 16th 2017 partners Fabled Environments and Yellow Piece Games launched a Kickstarter for new Savage Worlds setting book titled, Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water. The campaign runs on Kickstarter for 35 days with a funding goal of $7000.

Buccaneer: THHW is a setting book that brings the golden age of piracy to life. This book compliments the wonderful cinematic feel of Savage Worlds by offering a gritty new ruleset for ship combat, a great new encounter mechanic to capture swashbuckling chaos and a novel approach to ship customization. Players can take advantage of new Archetypes, Edges/Hindrances and a new Arcane Background to create an exciting character ready to sail the seven seas! New creatures a harsh environment and tough NPCs offer the players wonderful adversaries to overcome.

About The Team

Fabled Environments is a multiple-ENnie nominated gaming company that has been a force in the Tabletop RPG industry for nearly 15 years. You may know Fabled Environments from their popular modern floor plan line and Savage Worlds adventures.

While Yellow Piece Games is a new company, its founders are hardly new to the Tabletop RPG industry. The setting comes from the creative minds of Brett Weihing, Chris Fuchs and Chris Landauer. Chris Fuchs and Chris Landauer are better known as the Savage Mommy and SavageBull from the SavageCast podcast. Yellow Piece Games builds on their collective knowledge of the RPG industry in general and the Savage Worlds community specifically.

Other contributing members include Rick Hershey (Art and Graphic Design) and Darren G. Smith (Development and Editing). Both of these individuals bring years of experience to the table working on multiple RPG products. Their volume of work speaks for itself.

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