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With so many new people joining the Modiphius community, we just wanted to let you know that we have loads of great FREE Quickstart Adventures and supplements in PDF, so that you can try many of our most popular titles for yourself.
Whether it’s dark and devious sci-fi, heroic high fantasy, world war 2 Cthulhu wargaming, post-apocalyptic adventure, or universe-spanning space opera,  Modiphius has a roleplaying experience for you to enjoy, for FREE!
This free Conan Roleplaying Game quickstart PDF gives you an introduction to the 2d20 system,  and includes a short adventure to enjoy, plus pre-generated characters and an overview of the world of Conan and the Hyborian Age. It’s the perfect sword and sorcery introduction to adventuring in Robert E Howard’s Hyborian age, by Crom!
Are you ready to fight some of the Secret War’s greatest battles? The first part of this booklet contains seven missions from Secret War Operations, a series of training and tutorial missions designed to help acquaint you with the game. Herein you’ll learn the basics of moving and shooting before grasping more advanced concepts like command, morale and magic. The second part tells the story of The Forest of Fear, an ancient woodland in the heart of Europe which covers a long lost Elder Thing city, has played host to some of history’s darkest events, and now forms the backdrop to one of the Secret War’s most pivotal battles.
 The free quickstart rules for Coriolis contains all you need to get started playing Coriolis – The Third Horizon which has been described as like Arabian Nights in space! There’s Full character creation rules, full rules for skills and combat plus “Dark Flowers” – a high-paced introductory scenario and a full set of ready to play Player Characters, everything you need to get acquainted with this awesome sci-fi universe.
This fourteen page overview, especially written for prospective Games Masters, introduces the main theme, agents and episodes of the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns – the series of campaigns and adventure modules through which Järnringen develops the acclaimed dark fantasy world of Symbaroum and makes it live, breathe and bleed.

The savage, bleak sci-fi of Cold and Dark comes alive within these sixty five pages and they contain all you need to get some insight into the rule mechanics, game world and feel of the game. Featuring the story “Darker than Most” with ready to play avatars, you’ll have to face known as well as unknown horrors and take on the roles of people who have chosen to live on the edge as site engineers, corsairs and deep space salvagers.
Mutant: Year Zero, is an award-winning RPG by Free League Publishing and takes you to a world  after the great apocalypse, inhabited by mutants, robots and mutant animals. Create a unique character in minutes: play an Enforcer, Gearhead, Fixer of Stalker and push your character’s skills to the limits, unleashing unstoppable mutant powers in the process. Fight fast and furious battles, making every bullet count and using a detailed list of gruesome injuries as you experience three exciting zone sectors, giving you the perfect introduction to the Mutant: Year Zero universe.
Quickstart rules to enable you to play a Mindjammer (Traveller edition) game using this book and the TRAVELLER CORE RULEBOOK! Features: Four pregenerated characters to get started right away. Descriptions, maps, and plans of a strange alien world with an exotic lost colony civilisation. A complete action-packed adventure showcasing the Mindjammer setting and rules, playable in one or more sessions.  Experience the Mindjammer universe up close and personal as you join in the battle for… Dominion!
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