Bring your games to life with a range of pre-assembled, plastic, fantasy scenery for RPGs, dungeon crawlers, wargames and more!

April 27th, 2017- Mantic Games, the brains behind the popular BattleZones modularterrain and tabletop games – including The Walking Dead, Kings of War and Dungeon Saga – yesterday launched its latest Kickstarter: TerrainCrate. The campaign was funded in just 90 minutes and has already smashed through 14 stretch goals in under 24 hours.

TerrainCrate is a new range of detailed, pre-assembled, plastic scenery to create your perfect dungeon, town or battlefield. Each piece comes in coloured plastic, so you can take them out the box and place them on your gaming table, ready to play. Whether you’re exploring a mysterious dungeon, visiting a medieval town or fighting it out on the fields of battle, TerrainCrate brings your tabletop to life.

From launch there will be three ‘Crates’ to choose from, including TerrainCrate Dungeon, which includes everything you need to furnish a dungeon with incredibly detailed 3D scenery. Next up is TerrainCrate Battlefields, which is designed for skirmish wargames, fantasy-themed sports games or outdoor role-playing scenarios. Finally there’s TerrainCrate Town to recreate a fantasy-style setting complete with tavern,blacksmith and stables.

Mantic wants to create hard-wearing, plastic terrain that can last a lifetime and doesn’t cost a dragon’s hoard! They’d love to be able to produce hundreds of incredibly detailed scenery pieces but for that to happen, they need your help to make the dream a reality.

With the TerrainCrate Kickstarter, you can help Mantic create the tooling it needs to produce TerrainCrate products, and in exchange you’ll be the first in the world to own this amazing range and you’ll get it at an even more amazing price!

You can view the campaign here:

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