Gifts are Not Always What they Seem in Awaken

Awaken, a roleplaying game made by The Games Collective hits the digital shelves of DriveThruRPG!

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, The Games Collective released a digital version of it’s tabletop RPG Awaken, as a prelude to the upcoming hardcover edition of the game.

The physical edition will be published by Studio2 Publishing known for its Savage World, Shadows of Esteren, Mistborn, and various other releases.

In the meantime, The Games Collective released the digital edition of the game through the popular DriveThruRPG service, where it’s available for $19.99 (

About the game:
The continent of Salvora burned many times in past. But from all those ashes the Alliance of Great Cities has risen, where politics and secrets replaced swords. But after a discovery that the old nemesis still hides in the shadow of the underground, people of the Alliance feel lost.   In such desperate times, the only possible torchbearers are the Vasalli, gifted people spoken of by the old mythologies. But can they bear the burden of being the protectors of humanity, or will they allow themselves to be corrupted by power and succumb to the darkness that delves in every heart?

In Awaken you play as Vasalli, legendary heroes gifted with supernatural abilities in a fantasy world inspired by Mediterranean and Slavic folklore. The world threatened by Vargans, terrible monsters from underground, all the while ruthless politicians are more worried about their well being than unstable Alliance of the Great Cities.

But the power you possess comes at a price; it burdens you as much as it gives you strength, poisoning your mind and body.

Which path will you choose?

Number of players: 3-5
Time required: 1-3 hours per session
Recommended ages: 16+

Awaken website:

DriveThruRPG: Awaken – Core Rulebook

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