Little Heroes Family Storytelling RPG Available in Print

The recently released Little Heroes fantasy storytelling RPG for families is now available in paperback for the low price of $7.99! This cor rulebook has everything you need, except dice, for a night of great fun with your kids as they explore their imagination.

Little Heroes [PDF: $5 | POD: $7.99 | PDF/POD: $8.99]

Little Heroes is a storytelling game designed for families and young children. Its mechanics are designed to be simple while encouraging creativity among the players. It’s a lot like telling a bed-time story, but with a lot more interaction.

Taking place in a fantasy land, players become heroes shorter than one foot tall, taking on the world around them as it towers well above.

Little Heroes is a complete rulebook. It provides everything you need to create a storytelling game and embrace your imagination.

Little Heroes includes:

  • Game rules
  • Ten Personality species
  • Description of the setting
  • Adversaries for your games
  • Story elements to build your own game.
  • … And more!

All you need to add is a set of dice and some imagination! With some adult guidance, children as young as 5 can join in on the fantasy storytelling fun!

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