Experiment 7 Announces Release Date for First Dungeons & Dragons VR Game, Dungeon Chess

SAN DIEGO, April 17, 2017—Virtual reality developer Experiment 7 announced today that Dungeon Chess™ is releasing April 20 on Oculus Rift and coming soon to Samsung Gear VR. Dungeon Chess, a Dungeons & Dragons-themed animated chess game, is the first title developed by Experiment 7 in its partnership with Wizards of the Coast.

In Dungeon Chess, players move fire-breathing dragon queens, death-ray blasting beholder rooks and other popular D&D creatures across the board as they engage in classic chess matches. Each game is played in stunning and customizable rooms, like the Forgotten Realms’ legendary Yawning Portal Tavern, where players can compete against real-world friends, other VR users from around the world, or face custom AI opponents via Experiment 7’s Magic Table™ platform.

“We built Magic Table to give people the ability to have game night with their friends wherever and whenever they want,” said Co-founder and Managing Director at Experiment 7, Demetri Detsaridis. “Dungeon Chess players will be able to compete against other Magic Table users in any Magic Table game, including released titles like Magic Table Chess, or multiple upcoming VR strategy games. Eventually, they will be able to play with users on completely different VR hardware.”

“As huge D&D fans, we’re excited to work with Wizards of the Coast on Dungeon Chess,” said Experiment 7 Co-founder and Creative Director Geoffrey Zatkin. “We’re using iconic D&D creatures to bring fantasy and wonder to the classic strategy game of chess, while taking great care to stay true to D&D lore, implement robust chess gameplay, and provide a high-quality user experience. We believe this commitment will make Dungeon Chess enjoyable for chess fans, D&D enthusiasts, and the VR community in general.”

Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS), is the leader in entertaining the lifestyle gamer. Wizards’ players and fans are members of a global community bound together by their love of both digital gaming and in-person play. The company brings to market a range of gaming experiences under powerful brand names such as MAGIC: THE GATHERING and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. For more information about our world renowned brands, visit the Wizards of the Coast Web site at www.wizards.com.

Experiment 7 is a VR games studio based in New York and San Diego. We develop high quality strategy games with broad market appeal. Our staff combines battle-tested game design leadership with unparalleled game data expertise and a dream team of VR, mobile, console and PC veterans. We believe in collaborative creative development, sound quality of life and an uncompromising commitment to product quality. Learn more at Experiment7.com.

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