Arthur Lives – Modern Arthurian Roleplaying for Fate Core is on Kickstarter Now

Arthur Lives! is a roleplaying game of supernatural adventure, conspiratorial intrigue, and occult mystery using the Fate system. Heroes and villains from Arthurian myth have been reincarnated, coming back to life in the cinematic present. At first, these individuals don’t remember their former lives, but as they begin to recognize each other, old feuds and tragic affairs resurface. Why has the King returned now?  Does some unseen danger threaten? And even if the answer is yes, will these legendary heroes be able to put their old grievances aside long enough to oppose it?

It’s over 60% funded on Kickstarter and its campaign is running through May 2, 2017.

It includes:

  • Character creation for knights, damosels, magicians, and kings, allowing you to create modern reincarnations of (almost) every character from Arthurian myth.
  • Detailed character creation advice for ten specific Arthurian incarnations, from the famous (Arthur, Guinevere, and Merlin) to the infamous (Balin, the Knight with Two Swords, or Nimue).
  • Enchantment, a complete magic system with 15 different magical talents, from Binding to Weather Control.
  • Magical treasures and “echoes” of Arthurian objects like the Sword in the Stone and Excalibur, Gawaine’s legendary horse Gringolet, or even Camelot itself.
  • A large bestiary of dozens of fantasy creatures from across the Faerie Veil, supernatural denizens of our world, rival incarnations, mundane threats, and even angels and demons, all to challenge your characters.
  • Detailed GM advice for running Arthur Lives! campaigns, including the secret history that explains why all this is happening now. (Hint: it’s got to do with Nazis, John Dee, and the Templars.)

We launched the Kickstarter in early April, and we’re over 60% funded and climbing. So far, so good. We have a lot of really exciting stretch goals planned, including an adventure anthology with contributions by Rob Wieland and Richard Bellingham, well known Fate authors, official Fate dice in Arthur’s colors, and a Special Edition — I’m going to write liner notes on every single page of the book, giving you a look at the design decisions that went into the game, and where I learned from playtesting. And then there’s our artists: two different stretch goals, one for Michael Kucharski (Palladium, Amber Diceless, Lords of Gossamer and Shadow) and another for Dan Smith (In Nomine, GURPS).

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