The Goon™ RPG and Fear Agent™ RPG Kickstarters for Savage Worlds!

Chandler, AZ April 4, 2017 – Pinnacle Entertainment Group, award-winning makers of Savage Worlds, Deadlands, and many other games, launched two Kickstarters running simultaneously for the pulp scifi setting Fear Agent™ and “zombie Noir” The Goon™ comics. Both funded in less than 90 minutes and have already passed numerous stretch goals!

The Goon™ RPG for Savage Worlds:

Multiple Eisner-award winning comic The Goon™ pulls no punches when Goon starts swingin’—usually at the chug-heads, changelings, and snake-riddled rival gangs what get in his way. Now your strangers, weirdos, and ne’er do wells can join his crew, make Lonely Street a bit less zombified, and even save the Town in the dramatic Plot Point Campaign “From Hell’s Heart We Bite at Thee!”

The Goon™ is created by Eric Powell and published by Dark Horse Comics:

Fear Agent™ RPG for Savage Worlds:

The Earth is decimated in an alien invasion—then the “backwards” survivors are invited to join the United Systems as a sort of half-hearted apology. Just like the star of the comics, the “Last Fear Agent” Heath Huston, your heroes are stuck cleaning up the mess in a planet-hopping, time-traveling, conundrum-unravelling journey against the strangest and weirdest aliens the Deep has to offer. And all with a few twists worthy of this phenomenal series!

Fear Agent™ is created by Rick Remender (Black Science, Seven to Eternity, Captain America), Tony Moore (The Walking Dead, Deadpool, Exterminators), and Jerome Opeña (The Avengers, Moon Knight, Uncanny X-Force), and published by Dark Horse Comics:

The Goon™ RPG and the Fear Agent™ RPG for Savage Worlds Kickstarters each offer a core book, GM Screen with adventure, Bennies, dice, and amazing miniatures sculpted by Bronze Age Miniatures. A copy of the Savage Worlds core rules is required to play ($10 at

If you are new to Savage Worlds, Pinnacle announced an Un-Stretch Goal: PDFs for Deadlands, Rippers Resurrected, The Last Parsec, and East Texas University. Digital or higher level backers on either Goon™ RPG or Fear Agent™ RPG Kickstarter get these PDFs for FREE after the Kickstarter. That’s a terrific way to get a feel for the variety of genres Savage Worlds can handle.

The Kickstarters both end on Monday, April 17th at 5 pm Eastern. Reward levels begin at $25 for digital and $35 for print. Don’t miss out—back both today!

About Pinnacle Entertainment Group
The award-winning Deadlands and Savage Worlds tabletop RPGs were created by Shane Lacy Hensley, owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. For more information, visit or contact Jodi Black, COO and Managing Editor for Pinnacle, at

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