NEW RELEASE: Pwork Wargames Fantasy Football Mats

NEW RELEASE: Pwork Wargames Fantasy Football Mats

Fantastic new releases from Pwork Wargames! We present the great new range of Fantasy Football Gaming Mats!

Pwork Fantasy Football Gaming Mats are PVC-made rollable terrain mats, ideal for fantasy football games and compatible with the 5th edition of Blood Bowl,┬áin size 1,8x3′ (55x92cm) with a grid of 34mm squares, representing various football fields, each one perfect to set a match between any fantasy football team.

You can play on the snow and ice of the Frost Grave Stadium, run and sink in the sands of th War Sands Stadium or score a touch down in the grim district of the Dark London Stadium! Just take a look and choose the perfect Stadium for your favourite football team!

The strength of the PVC material and the high quality of the printed image make Fantasy Football Gaming Mats perfect and essential accessories for playing at your favorite fantasy football game. They are practical, they take up little space, they are ideal for players that want a wonderful and great-looking setting where play with their favourite teams.

Check It on Pwork website, click here!

Take a look to the other products and to all the new releases on Pwork website, updates are continuos and constant: find out our other products for roleplaying games, such as Tiles Sets, Sceneries (new fantastic release, the MDF Sceneries!) and RPG Supplies! Check also the fantastic Pwork Gaming Mats!

Take also a look to these amazing video reviews of Pwork Gaming Mats!
– PVC Dust Town 4×6′ (thanks to Kevin Armitage of The Basement Collective)
– PVC Arid Plain 4×6′ (thanks to Wolvermonkey of Monkey Babble)
– CLOTH Dark London 4×4′ (thanks to Shaun Moran of OrcPainterNerd)
– PVC Frost Grave 4×4′ (thanks to WHP Channel)
– PVC Woodland 4×4′ (thanks to Steve of Top Table Wargaming)

Thank you and never stop playing!

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