ENnie Awarded Sci-Fi RPG FAITH Embarks on Crowdfunding Journey to Release Core Book

This outstandingly beautiful Core Book of FAITH is intended as the cornerstone of the setting and a perfect entry point for new players of this tabletop RPG saga. The campaign also includes a range of high quality miniatures.

After three consecutive successful campaigns, Burning Games returns to Kickstarter to fund the latest entry in the FAITH – The Sci-Fi RPG Universe: a 300 page long hardbound Core Book that will greatly expand the lore and mechanics of the game.

The Book, acting as a compendium of the rules and setting of FAITH, will feature 225 pages of backstory with intricately detailed accounts of the species, planets and people that inhabit this universe, and 75 pages of mechanics that will expand the character creation system and introduce vehicle piloting and miniature gameplay mechanics.

The Book comes along two decks (of 54 cards each) that depict NPCs and pieces of equipment that players will find in their adventures. Additionally, players will be able to secure the latest edition of the FAITH player deck, a custom poker deck with beautiful illustrations that is at the core of the game’s card based mechanic (known as RPC Engine).

The campaign also introduces a full range of miniatures based on characters from FAITH. Created in high quality resin, these 33mm figures will be exquisitely crafted by Big Child Studios, one of the leading mini manufacturers.

This Kickstarter is intended for avid roleplayers who enjoy complex and gritty settings. No previous experience in FAITH is required: the  Kickstarter campaign includes everything players need to thrive in this universe.

FAITH won the Silver ENnie for Best Free Content last year and has achieved four Golden Geek Nominations including Best RPG (2016 runner up), Best Art and Best Supplement.


Type of game: Tabletop roleplaying game
Book info: 300 pages, hardbound, hardcover
Miniature info: 35mm, resin miniatures produced by Big Child Creatives
Website: http://burning-games.com/en/faith-sci-fi-rpg-core-book/



The setting: FAITH takes place in a far-future version of our universe, with speculative technology and interstellar travel. Two sentient species dominate the cosmos – the technological, capitalistic Corvo, and the communal, progressive Iz’kal. The colonisation race between these two species has shaped their political, social and technological development. The other two prevalent species, the militaristic Humans and the tribal Raag, are mostly known as mercenaries for either the Corvo or the Iz’kal in their galactic conflict.

The mechanics: FAITH’s gameplay revolves around the use of a playing deck (an illustrated poker deck) to solve actions and confrontations. A Skill-Attribute system dictates what the player’s base value is in a certain action and how many cards they can play to increase that value, giving way to a ‘luck management’ system that allows everyone to shine and keeps the odds fair.



  • Updated 2.0 rules, with several improvements over the original mechanics.
  • Vehicle mechanics for piloting and warfare. Blank, printable vehicle sheet.
  • Rules to play with miniatures.
  • Character customization, including new Talent system with expanded versatility.
  • Printable character sheet.


  • A brief history of the universe of FAITH.
  • The Gods: the Commandments, the Three Laws, possible origins, faith and belief in society, Soulbenders, Avatars, Godseek expeditions, cults, doubt, followers, powers, worship, sects and depictions.
  • The four species (Corvo, Iz’kal, Human and Raag): nature and behavior, anatomy and physiology, communication and language, society, education, economy, culture, spirituality, politics, law and crime, technology, weaponry, relation with other species and the universe as a whole, history and evolution.
  • The Labyrinth: the nature of a wormhole, navigation, beacons, colonization and communication.
  • Planets and outposts: political organization, important personalities, secrets and mysteries, other settlements, enemies and bosses.
  • The Ravager: the swarms, communication, hierarchy, technology and the waging war.
  • The Coalition: history, hierarchy and current state of affairs.
  • Short stories and adventure seeds.

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