HOT 16: A Game of Dope Rhymes – Kickstarter & SXSW

9th Level Games Launches All-in-1 Kickstarter/SXSW Exclusive Version of HOT 16: A Game of Dope Rhymes

AUSTIN, TX, MARCH 13 9th Level Games brings their limited edition, hand assembled, old-school cassette game to the SXSW Gaming Festival in conjunction with Kickstarter’s All in 1 March promotion.
HOT 16 A Game of Dope Rhymes is an old school rap crew party game for all ages! It’s interactive, cooperative, and requires no musical talent whatsoever ( though having actual music talent has never hurt anyone). The tabletop games industry insider and DJ, Marcelo Figueroa says of HOT 16 all DJ’s will love this game!”
SXSW is known for music, making it the perfect place to launch HOT 16. 9th Level Games can be found at the SXSW Gaming Expo at booth number 2630.
HOT 16 A Game of Dope Rhymes isn’t like other games that 9th Level Games has produced, it’s very much an art” product printed in Philly and hand assembled it’s unlikely to ever be available at Your Friendly Local Game Retailer. All of the pieces are inside a throw-back cassette jewel case and the producer’s business card is an actual business card. Kickstarter and SXSW will be the only place for hip hop lovers, party game lovers, and collectors of unique games to get it!
9th Level Games will be using the KICKSTARTER LIVE feature to broadcast daily from SXSW and doing a ton of social media outreach. Follow 9th Level Games on Twitter @9thLevel, and like HOT 16 on Facebook, to get updates and participate in the #Hot16 social media micro game!
Check out the Kickstarter here.
About 9th Level Games:
9th Level Games is the small but growing game design and publishing house known for its unique blend of humor, playability, and willingness to try new things. 9th Level Games focus is on bringing great looking, great playing, and great fun to your table. Our most well known games include the Kobolds Ate My Baby! RPG line, the Schrödinger’s Cats card game, the Knuckle Sammich card game, and the Cthulhu for President RPG! In 2017, 9th Level Games is looking to produce a number of new indie games and HOT 16 is our second Kickstarter project of the year.
For more information, visit or follow @9thLevel.

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