Journey to Ragnarok for 5E is Coming to Kickstarter

Feb. 27th, 2017

We’re proud to announce Journey To Ragnarok, a brand new project for 5th Edition (5e) about Norse Mythology, soon as a Kickstarter Campaign.

I’m Michele Paroli, an architect and a graphic designer but first of all a role-playing gamer and Dungeon Master!

The core team counts many veteran DMs and adventures designers and we’re proud to tell that we were part of the organization and DMs of the first ever D&D AL Epics Event in Italy @Lucca Comics&Games 2016 and we’ll do the same for the second @Play Modena 2017.

The idea to write Journey To Ragnarok comes from our passions: the 5th Edition of the oldest Roleplaying game and, of course, Norse Mythology.

Every single event, NPC or encounter that will cross adventurers’ road is the result of more than 15 years of love and research for documentation, through readings and travels.

Journey To Ragnarok is a Norse Mythology setting for 5th Edition, with adventure modules from 1st to 15th level for across The Nine Worlds.

It will include:

– Settings for each World
– A new playable class: the Rune Master
– New Archetypes for every class
– In-depth Norse Pantheon
– Magical and Mythological Items
– Monsters and Encounters form The Nine Words
– Rune Divination system (working like Tarots to build the adventures)

The Kickstarter Campaign will start the 5th of April!

We would be honored to have your feedback about the project!

For News and sneak peeks, check the Facebook page

Face your Fate!
Ragnarok awaits!

Thank you for reading!

Michele Paroli

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