Fantasy Storytelling Game for the Entire Family!

Mystical Throne Entertainment has just released the quick-start rules book for Little Heroes, a new fantasy storytelling game for families and children. Written by father of 7, Aaron T. Huss, the game has been playtested with children and “approved” for family use! The PDF is available as Pay What You Want and a paperback copy will be available later this month, also in PWYW.

Little Heroes: The Lost Faery (Quick-Start Rules) [PDF: PWYW | POD: Coming Soon | POD/PDF: Coming Soon]

Little Heroes is a storytelling game designed for families and young children. Its mechanics are designed to be simple while encouraging creativity among the players. It’s a lot like telling a bed-time story, but with a lot more interaction.

Taking place in a fantasy land, players become heroes shorter than one foot tall, taking on the world around them as it towers well above.

The Lost Faery is a quick-start rules set providing everything you need to get into a game of Little Heroes.

The Lost Faery includes:

  • Quick-start rules
  • Pregenerated Personalities
  • A short Scenario
  • An Appendix of terminology

All you need to add is a set of dice and some imagination! With some adult guidance, children as young as 5 can join in on the fantasy storytelling fun!

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