Drakerys Launch, Board Game Week & Ravage KS!

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Today we’re really pleased to bring you the launch of Drakerys, from Don’t Panic Games where the tactics and strategy of a tabletop mini wargame meets the immersion and storytelling of a board game, which we’re launching as part of our special Board Games Week (where you can pick up a ton of board game bargains!).
Drakerys is set in a fantasy world where Dwarves, Elves, Orcs and Humans reign over ancient kingdoms. Elemental magic created the world and went to sleep for centuries, leaving myths about dreadful and marvellous creatures. Now Magic is returning in a world shaken by sudden chaos. Armies are assembling to repel the awakening creatures and seize power!
You can check out all of Drakerys’ amazing sets in our Drakerys Collection on Modiphius.net In Drakerys, each player chooses a camp, gathers miniature troops and takes the lead against other players in story-driven battles. The terrain setting, as well as the victory conditions, play an important role and the fate of your warriors is in your hands. As a war leader, you’ll need tactical insight and a bit of luck to win!
The Ashral Orcs vs Paladinate of Irosia Starter Set is the perfect place to being your adventures. Two armies are featured with fully assembled miniatures: the Human paladins of Irosia and the wild Orcs of Ashral. They are pitted against each other in a campaign to conquer a mysterious archipelago filled with danger, secrets of the magical events to come, and countless treasures. The winning camp will take an immediate advantage in the coming war.
 With the Elemental Vortexes & 1 Maelstrom set you can summon powerful elemental forces to aid you in battle and this elemental set contains four elemental vortexes, plus one maelstrom as well as two bonus Drakerys missions cards.
There’s also two scenery sets to further bring your Drakerys battlefields to life. Scenery Set A comprises a shattered castle gate, a length of ruined palisade and the twisted branches of a mysterious tree. Scenery Set B comprises the  corner wall of an ancient crumbling keep, a length of palisade and an assortment of castle furniture including a well, chests and barrels. Although specially made for use with Drakerys, this scenery is suitable for use with any 28-32mm miniatures and for all roleplaying games.
We also have further Drakerys accessories including a Playing Mat A featuring an old town on the obverse side and an abandoned crossroads on the reverse, a Drakerys dice set and two minis base sets, and you can see the lot in our Drakerys collection.
Finally, don’t forget the awesome Ravage Dungeons of Plunder Kickstarter by Ian Schofield has just kicked off, a unique dungeon delving board game where you play as Orcs, featuring three game modes: Solo, Co-Op and Treachery. We’d highly recommend backing this one and it’s already looking like one of the best and most fun Kickstarters this year, more than worthy of your support!
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