BEARICADES Card Game Kickstarter Campaign

9th Level Games partners with Philadelphia game designer Todd Walsh on a survival card with a unique theme saving the forest.
In this 2 to 4 player survival card game players recruit predators and use friendly bears as bearicades” to defend their forest against unrelenting hordes of greedy lumberjacks. Played in night and day phases, players struggle to be the last forest with any animals.
The game features multiple ways to draft animals into players’ forests offering high replayability value and differing levels of complexity; as well as a unique theme.  While the game itself is tense and full of pressure and drama the game utilizes no violence, featuring animals and enemies that merely run away.
The Kickstarter campaign features a number of reward levels that will give those who pledge multiple ways to show off their support of BEARICADES. Besides copies of the game, rewards include personalized digital wallpapers and original art.
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About Todd Walsh:
Todd Walsh is a Martial Artist and Game Designer who has been into RPGs and tabletop games for as long as he can remember. He loves the creative outlet of creating games that he would want to play. Todd believes that sitting around a table and playing games with people is a simple and endearing way make joyful memories and create connections between people. BEARICADES is his first published game after working with the rich and diverse Philadelphia game design community for the past 3 years.
About 9th Level Games:
9th Level Games is the small but growing game design and publishing house known for its unique blend of humor and playability. 9th Level Games focus is on bringing great looking, great playing, and great fun to the table. Our most well known games include the Kobolds Ate My Baby! RPG line, Schrödinger’s Cats card game, Knuckle Sammich card game, and Cthulhu for President RPG! In 2017, 9th Level Games is looking to produce a number of new indie games.
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