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New Roleplaying game launches kickstarter

Untitled promises “the most complete indie RPG starter kit on the market”

Washington, DC, January 24, 2017– New Kickstarters are nothing new.  But, if you are passionate about roleplaying games, you’ll definitely want to slow down for this one.

Untitled is a neat game in its own right, an old-school crunchy experience streamlined by modern narrative mechanics.

Perhaps an equally intriguing offer, however, is the system’s World Generator, which takes players step-by-step through the creation of fantasy worlds complete with geography, competing factions, settlements, evolving plots, spells, weapons, armor, NPCs, and dynamic changes.

From one playtester:

“The game played like a dream and the combat worked beautifully. You’ve done a great job of taking some of my favorite Dungeon World stuff while streamlining it a bit. This is more robust than The Black Hack and much more suited to campaign play.” – Will A.

Untitled is designed for those who want to bring tabletop roleplaying to wider audiences.  It offers blazingly simple gameplay, clear guidance for telling stories as a group, powerful tools for creating words, and an old-school atmosphere.

At $1 for the early access rules and a complete adventuring region, it’s worth a closer look.

For more information, visit Untitled’s Kickstarter Page:

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