New Mutant Chronicles Card Decks Now in PDF and Print

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You asked for it, you got it! We’ve now made available a PDF Bundle version of our highly popular Mutant Chronicles Card Decks, containing five special decks to enhance your Mutant Chronicles adventures including: Villains, NPC, Location, Dark Symmetry and Chronicle packs to  place an array of exciting new options at the hands of both Mutant Chronicles GMs and players
This specially curated PDF bundle costs $20 less than the standard price and saves you 40% on the price when packs are bought individually!
Don’t forget you can also still buy the original Printed Mutant Chronicles Card Bundle right here. You can also buy individual decks, see the links below.
Introducing instant NPCs has never been easier than with the Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition NPC Deck. Drawn from the length and breadth of the solar system – and representing every level of the corporate hierarchy – this deck will help GMs populate their campaigns with vivid, highly memorable characters and NPCs.
Each unique character is printed with an image and brief description on the obverse side that can be readily be presented to the players, while the reverse side provides the stats and background that will allow them to be seamlessly inserted into any campaign. Individual plot hooks that accompany each NPC can also be used to inspire any number of side-plots and provide depth and longevity to those expendable extras.
The solar system’s worst nightmares are also now at the GM’s fingertips thanks to the Villain Deck. Drawing creatures of Darkness from multiple sources and gathering them all into one handy and very dangerous place, the cards in this deck can be picked to represent fixed scenarios or drawn at random to establish unplanned encounters.
Each unique card is printed with an image and brief description on the obverse side that can be readily be presented to the players, while the reverse side provides the stats, abilities and tactics that will be needed to bring the creature or character to terrifying life during an encounter. To minimise referencing, several glossary cards provide additional information related to the common special abilities that are presented in the Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition rulebook.
Countless locations will be visited during the course of any Mutant Chronicles campaign, but why make them all standard cut and paste locales? From battlefield to boardroom and from high school to high rise, the Mutant Chronicles Locations Deck presents multiple Dark Symmetry spends across 70 locations that can be used by the GM to introduce unique elements and make life distinctly interesting for the players.
The obverse side of each card is printed with an image that can be presented to the players, along with a brief description that will help the GM tailor the effects to a specific location, while the reverse side provides three Dark Symmetry spends of increasing severity, that can be used to taunt and terrorise the players during the current encounter.
Dark Symmetry points – and their subsequent system variants for Conan and Infinity – are a unique feature of the 2d20 system that can really help a GM to engage with both the players and the scene. The Dark Symmetry Deck is packed with interesting spends that will add unique elements to any encounter while keeping the action free-flowing and fun.
Each card provides three unique one-point Dark Symmetry spends that can be used to hinder combat scenes, the surrounding environment and skill tests. The fourth spend on each card – the special event – may vary in cost and effect, but can be used to really give the players something to think about. Simply draw a card at random, choose a suitable spend, then unleash the power of the Dark Symmetry!
Chronicle Points are a resource possessed by the characters that can be used to create the heroic actions that are often associated with the legendary figures of the dark, diesel-punk future. The dual-purpose Chronicle Deck has been designed to assist players in tracking individual Chronicle Points while providing fun and empowering alternative options for their expenditure.
The facing side of each card can simply be used to represent a single Chronicle Point. The reverse side, however, presents two alternative declarations and their resultant effects that will provide players with any number of options when the action calls for heroic intervention. Strap on your shoulder pads. It’s time to stand tall with the brave and the few!
We hope you’ll take enjoy this latest additions to the Mutant Chronicles universe and look out for more great Mutant Chronicles products coming soon from Modiphius!
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